5 Great Lunch Ideas For Kids

I became a stay at home mom two years ago and had to come up with some quick-lunch meals for my two toddlers. As we all know, two or more children can sometimes be a handful. Especially if you are a mother who has an online business or have other duties such as house cleaning, doing laundry, or grocery shopping. Preparing healthy lunches for your children should be hassle free, quick and delicious. Have you ever been in the kitchen and questioned yourself on what you were going to make the kids for lunch?

It’s OK to be creative and try new things to see what your child is more interested in eating. You want to steer clear of the unhealthy fatty foods such as french fries and cheeseburgers, and go for the healthy wheat bread PBJ sandwiches. It is definitely better for them to eat and gives your child the fuel and energy needed. The saying goes, “You are what you eat!” You can also use bananas or marshmallow fluff instead of jelly on the peanut butter sandwich. Don’t forget their tall glass of milk!

Inspired by Lunchables, I just buy cold cuts, crackers (they prefer Ritz), and sliced American cheese. They love it! I call it homemade Lunchables. Cut up some cold cuts (bologna, ham, turkey) place on top of the crackers. Next fold your slice of American cheese in half twice to make four square sized pieces to fit on your crackers. Instead of a bite sized candy bar, I usually slice and apple, plum or peach. Or you can use grapes, any fruit definitely better than a bite size candy bar. The crackers can also be substituted with wheat bread. A lunch meat sandwich is just as healthy and tasty.

I tried a four-minute microwaveable pack of easy mac, with one boiled and then sliced hot dog. Let me tell you, this is a hit for any child. They absolutely love it and can’t get enough. Just don’t feed them this daily(it’s possible that they may ask for this for lunch every single day.)

My kids love salads for lunch all of a sudden. Never did I think any child, let alone my two would like to eat a salad. If it doesn’t have lettuce, eggs, cucumbers, tomatoes, cold cuts chopped on top and ranch dressing, they won’t eat it. It MUST have all that plus shredded cheddar cheese or they won’t eat it. I don’t mind buying food that is healthy for my kids, because it’s obvious it is good for them but also because they enjoy eating it.

Ramen noodles with steamed broccoli? Yes, kids devour it. Not only have I shared this lunch meal with my children, but also with my girlfriend to see how her three kids would like it. Kim said that this lunch meal is something they actually enjoy eating. From what Kim has previously told me, she has very, very picky kids. What kids aren’t picky? When a child likes something, they like it, when they don’t they don’t. If it is healthy for them and they really like eating it, find similar healthy foods and switch up or substitute. You can never go wrong with a healthy lunch.

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