A Healthy and Balanced Diet – Some Basics

We often hear the phrase a “Healthy Diet” but in reality do we really understand what this means? A balanced diet will consist of a range of foods that allow the body to absorb what it needs to be kept in good order nutritionally. This consists of foods that may come under the headings of Carbohydrate, Protein, Mineral Salts, Vitamins, Fats and Fibre.

What then, do we need to know about a diet containing these ingredients? Firstly, a healthy diet should contain all of these parts of the nutritional range. It is no good just cutting one part out or avoiding one group in favour or another. This will only lead to an unhealthy diet and in time the body will suffer. It is important to understand what some of these groups do.

  • Carbohydrates are needed to provide energy for the body
  • Protein is needed to provide growth and repair
  • Fats also and this may surprise you – provide energy and
  • Fibre sorts our intestines

Not eating enough fibre causes intestinal problems. If you do not eat enough protein then you will either not grow properly (as a child into an adult) or you will find that if cut or wounded, you do not heal very well. If you do not eat enough energy containing foods, you will become very tired and unable to face doing much at all. Conversely, eat too many carbohydrates or fat containing foods and you will put on weight and become overweight by your diet.

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