Assam Tea – A Refreshing And Healthy Beverage To Start The Day

Assam, being one of the largest tea producing regions, is known across the globe for producing premium blends. Its black tea is quite popular in the beverage market for its bright color and strong malty flavor. Unlike the Himalayan regions, here tea is cultivated in lowlands. Bold Assam brew serves perfect as Irish and English breakfast teas. To have a hearty and refreshing drink right at the starting of the day buy Assam tea from a bulk online company.


It’s not like Darjeeling, Assam teas are harvested twice in a year and therefore, there are two kinds of flushes of this blend. Blends of both the flushes have malty and honey note with distinct texture and flavor. Tippy leaves of second harvest are more esteemed than those of first harvest.

Spring FlushThis is the first harvest that occurs between March and middle of May. These tea leaves have more fragrance, smoothness and mellow than the other flush.

Summer FlushThis second harvest starts from middle of May and continues throughout the summer months. Blends of this flush produce sweet, dark and full-bodied liquor. Summer flush are considered as ‘superior harvest’ and so, Assam tea wholesalers demand high price for them.


Assam black blends taste great with spices and milk because its flavor gets an extra touch with additives. If a drinker wishes to have masala chai, then Assam is the best choice as it has the bold rich taste ideal for making masala chai. A cup of Assam brew with sugar and milk is also perfect as breakfast tea. It’s full-bodied flavor gives a good start to the day. Whole leaves with golden tips are the best to have a tasty cup of Assam.

Serve Assam brew in a white cup because its bright copper color liquor is very attractive. One can smell the sultry aroma of this blend and enjoy the robust malty taste. Assam brews are best enjoyed right in the morning. Remember spring flush will have sweeter flavor than the summer flush.


Like all other varieties of black blends, Assam teas also have high caffeine level. This is what makes it a wonderful breakfast tea. One cup of Assam black brew contains 80 mg of caffeine. In fact, Assam surpasses Ceylon and Earl Grey blends in this context.

However, Assam tea has high demand in wholesale beverage market of India. Taste it!

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