Avoid These 5 Weekend Habits That May Sabotage Your Plan

Weight-Loss: Generally, after five exhausting days at work, you are more likely to spend your time in bed watching TV or eating your favorite food at your favorite restaurant. This is basically how the ordinary urban working population spends their weekends. So, what exactly happens over the weekend that leads to weight gain on Monday morning and makes our work clothes tighter? According to experts, you weigh more at the start of the week due to high-fat foods and little or no exercise on Saturday and Sunday. However, by examining your weekend routines more closely, you can change this pattern. So, today we will tell you what all weekend habits could be sabotaging your efforts to lose weight. This article will help you in identifying them and making the right decisions.Also Read – Weight Loss For Women: These Diets Are NOT Working For You, Ladies. Stop Following Them Blindly!

How Weekend Habits Might be Spoiling Your Weight-Loss Goals?

Sleep can make or break your weight loss goal: Sleep plays a very important role in your weight loss journey. On your week off, if you are prefer sleeping for more than 10 hours, you run the risk of obesity, diabetes, and chronic inflammation. Get at least 7-8 hours of sleep during the weekend. While it’s fine to let loose on the weekends, don’t abandon your daily sleep routine entirely.

Avoid eating from outside: You usually have a variety of dinner or lunch plans with your friends or partner over the weekend. It’s an amazing way to relax. However, when going out to eat, you must be cautious about what you consume. If you are going to eat from outside then avoid eating at a restaurant. Bring your cooked home meal with you. This will offer you more control over the weight-loss situation. Also, instead of oily foods order grilled ones.

Never skip breakfast on weekends: Skipping a meal will always just make you hungry, leading to poor portion control and excessive snacking. Usually on weekends, we avoid  first meal of the day and eat a big portion during lunch. This can not only affect your metabolism but can also lead to fluctuation in your blood sugar levels. Make sure that your first meal in the morning should be healthy and rich in proteins.

Work out either on Saturday or Sunday: If you want to avoid putting on weight over the weekend, you should exercise on one of those days. You don’t need to go to the gym or lift any dumbbells. A short jog or half-hour walk would sufficient. According to fitness experts, if you don’t ramp up a sweat over the weekend, your body weight may rise when you step on the weighing scale on Monday morning.

Reduce the consumption of alcohol on weekends: Our weekend relaxing plan seems incomplete without our favorite drink. While drinking is acceptable, excessive consumption is not. Excessive alcohol consumption seldom raises your BMI more than moderate drinking frequently. Limit the number of bottles you buy if you’re going to a social gathering. If you’re drinking with friends or a partner, though, be extra careful to limit yourself.

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