Best Ideas For Wedding Breakfast Music

Popular choices are Rat Pack and Swing hits from the greats like Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Junior; but you can add a contemporary feel by adding Michael Buble and Robbie Williams to your artist list. Rat Pack and Swing will instantly transport guests to a timeless romantic era which is why this genre works so well at wedding breakfasts.

Another popular choice are classic love songs by historic greats like Lionel Richie, Stevie Wonder and Al Green to cool and contemporary mellow hits by today’s mega stars like Alicia Keys, Beyonce and Leona Lewis. If you want a sophisticated modern feel to your day this genre may be best for you.

Add to this gospel, jazz, blues and pre and after dinner classics, one could very quickly build a beautiful musical atmosphere of huge anticipation for the main party to follow later on in the evening.

An additional benefit in having wedding breakfast music is your wedding DJ will be set up very early on, well before you and your guests arrive, meaning there will be no setting up interruptions to the flow of your wedding during the evening.

Another benefit is you will have a hands free microphone for use during your wedding speeches. Quite often a professional DJ’s microphone will sound better than a venue’s microphone simply because a DJ’s sound system should be better than that of a venues small multiple speaker system.

In closing, think about love songs that mean something to you both, what love song did you 1st dance to or chill out to together on the sofa? Maybe there was a love song from a movie soundtrack that you both saw in the early days of your relationship. These are the songs that will personalise your wedding breakfast and make it mean so much more to you both.

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