Bipolar Breakfast

Yes, it’s true, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. If you have bipolar disorder, it’s even more important. Missing a meal causes fluctuations in blood sugar, which dramatically affect moods, both within us and in the way we express ourselves.

Food, in general, is a very important subject when dealing with bipolar disorder and other mental illnesses. Feeding ourselves junk food, loaded with artificial sugars is the wrong move – point blank! When our bodies are going through the cycles of bipolar disorder, and even when we are stable, our bodies are crying out for healthy food. Here are a few suggestions –

– Fresh fruits

– Healthy grains

– Fresh vegetables

– Organic items of any sort without chemicals

– Balanced meals, with proteins and carbohydrates

– Fresh fish and organic meats

Those are just a few helpful hints that you can use in your seeking for a healthy bipolar lifestyle.

Starting your day out with a healthy meal is the best thing you can do for yourself. Skip the coffee, as it will only elevate your mood and give you unnecessary caffeine. Drink fresh juices and fresh, clean, bottled or filtered water.

Start your day by taking care of yourself, nutritionally-speaking. Don’t skip breakfast and get right into your work. Take time for a healthy meal. Sit down, read a nice book while you’re eating. Do everything you can that benefits you!

And do it every day, not just the weekends.

The benefits you’ll receive will be enormous. Taking time to eat breakfast every day is one of the most important things you can do for yourself. It’s also about structure and balance. By taking time for breakfast each day, you will be settling your sometimes uneasy body and mind. By eating healthy food at those breakfasts, you’ll be feeding your brain, the most important organ regarding bipolar disorder, everything it needs to help you along in your day.

Find a meal you like and enjoy it every day. That doesn’t mean become stagnant in your eating efforts, it simply means enjoy what you put into your body. Doesn’t a bowl of fresh fruit, some fresh fruit juice and some organic bread sound a lot better than a bowl of sugar-coated cornflakes? Of course, it does!

Not only is the eating part of breakfast important, but the preparation part is as important. Taking time to prepare your breakfast, even the night before if you are rushed in your mornings, is a great way to get in this wonderful habit. Peal your fruit if it requires that, use clean plates and silverware, and make sure that you do things mindfully.

By being mindful, you will learn to focus and that will help your mood enormously. Being mindful simply means consciously paying attention to what you’re doing. Bring the fruit to your nose, smell it, take it in and enjoy the very experience of eating well.

You will be so grateful you took the time for a mindful, healthy breakfast as you get going in your day. With time, you’ll feel the benefits. Be patient, healing from bipolar disorder is not a destination, it’s a path. And as long as you take the right steps, the healthy steps, you’ll be well soon. Remember, treating bipolar disorder is not just about taking pills, although those help, it’s about a healthy lifestyle all around.

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