Breakfast Birthday Party Ideas

Breakfast is the first meal of the day. It is very rare to meet a person who does not like breakfast. Use this popular meal as an inspiration for your next birthday party. Hosting a Breakfast Birthday Party is something that your guests will not expect but will love at the same time. You can host it at any time of day. It is also an easy one to throw. Keep it simple or make it elaborate, either way people will love it.

You can create your own invitations fairly easily. Cut card stock into the shape of bread and toaster shapes. Glue the “bread” to the back of the “toaster” so it appears to be sticking out of the top. Write out the party details on the toaster inviting your guests over for the party. Don’t forget to write who the event is for, when it is, where it is, what time, and who to RSVP to.

The biggest draw for breakfast is the food. Spend some time thinking about the menu. Breakfast basics include pancakes, waffles, scrambled eggs, bacon, and hash browns. Some of these items, such as pancakes and waffles, can be made ahead of time and frozen. Hash browns can usually be found in the freezer section of your grocery store. They just need to be fried in a skillet. A buffet of items, such as cinnamon rolls, sausage, and croissants can round out your menu.

You will want to plan on having some activities for your party guests depending on their age. A younger crowd may enjoy some physical activities such as an egg and spoon relay race or “pin the bacon on the plate” game. An older crowd may enjoy watching the movie The Breakfast Club.

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