Candida Breakfast Ideas to Start Your Day

It’s no secret that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. While the wrong breakfast or no breakfast can lead to headaches, digestion problems as well as general fatigue, the right breakfast paves the way to optimal brain function and increased energy. People living with candida can especially benefit from a nutritious and candida-friendly breakfast as a way to start the day right and keep irritating symptoms at bay.

Because fatigue and difficulty concentrating are some of the most common symptoms of candida, it makes sense that providing the best nutrition possible for the first meal of the day is a good move. Whether you have time to make your breakfast in the morning or need to make it in advance the night before, viewing the meal as a vital way to start the day may help you to put it higher on your list of priorities.

Many studies have shown that lack of time is the number one reason people claim to skip breakfast or just grab some refined carbohydrates like donuts and pastries. However, it is unlikely to find people who claim they don’t have enough time to shower or brush their teeth or find matching socks before the leaving the house in the morning. That’s because they prioritize these activities appropriately.

When one begins to realize just how important the breakfast meal is to a body’s performance and ultimate health, the first meal will become the priority it should be.

As with any meal on a candida diet, breakfast can include non-starchy vegetables, a small amount of low-sugar fruits, as well as whole grains and proteins. Obviously, items to avoid are foods high in sugar and white flour or anything with mold, such as moldy cheeses.

While you may feel like you are too restricted because you can’t have your typical bowl of cereal or morning donut, the combinations of candida-friendly breakfast foods can be very enjoyable. Notice how your body responds to the right kind of breakfast and compare it to your body’s reaction to a high-sugar meal. The difference will open your eyes and help you to appreciate what the candida diet offers.

Below are a few candida breakfast ideas to help you get started on a menu that fits your tastes and your lifestyle:

Breakfast Rice Pudding


-Cooked Brown Rice

-Milk or Sugar-Free Soy Milk

-Cinnamon to Taste

Combine the rice and milk and heat until warm on stove top or in microwave. Add cinnamon to taste.

Berry Yogurt Parfait


-Plain, no-sugar added yogurt

-Fresh or frozen blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, etc.

Layer a bowl or decorate parfait cup alternating yogurt and berries.

Sprouted Grain Bread with Nut Butter


-1-2 Slices of sprouted grain, no yeast/sugar bread-such as Ezekiel 4:9 Bread, toasted

-Sugar free, natural nut butter-such as almond, cashew, macadamia or peanut butter

(This is a great breakfast for someone on the run!)

It is possible to make and consume a healthy, candida-friendly breakfast that tastes good and provides fuel for your body. Experiment with different foods to find the breakfast that is most palatable to your taste buds. In no time, your appreciation for a healthy body will likely replace your former longing for sugar-laden cereals.

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