Candida Diet Breakfast With Vegetables, Tofu, Nuts, and Brown Rice

I eat vegetables in candida diet breakfast a lot of the time. It is either steamed broccoli or kale. I also juice in the morning. I juice green and red leaf lettuces along with celery, ginger, dandelion greens, kale, garlic, radish, or whatever the mix is for the day. I never add carrots or beets. I also make a nut-less granola with oats, puffed millet, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, flax seeds, puffed corn, and coconut. I stir it all up a few times with some olive oil and salt and cook it on a pizza pan for about 25 minutes on 275 degrees.

There is no reason why you can’t add nuts. I just don’t because my son’s allergic to them. I also add the flax seeds afterwards. They don’t get cooked, and we eat it dry instead without soy milk. I drink a lot of tea in the morning with Stevia to get a sweet fix.

I have been making tofu with a Tahini-cream sauce that is really good. Just stir fry the tofu. In a separate cup, mix together about 4 Tablespoons of Tahini and enough water to make it a thick but watery sauce, stir it in with the tofu. You can add ginger. I added ginger and garlic today with fresh cilantro and sprinkled black sesame seeds on afterwards. It was so good!

You can eat meat, too. I usually don’t in the morning, though. I have more energy when I juice or eat vegetables for breakfast. I buy Turkey Jerky for those times when I just need some protein before I crash and eat a bunch of carbs, because although I totally steer clear of sugar, I will occasionally break down and binge on a package of rice cakes or bag of potato chips, but eating some protein helps sustain me and curb that craving. The Turkey Jerky I get is made by Shelton’s.

There is a very nice brown rice cereal called Brown Rice Cream, made by Erewhon. It comes in a white box with orange lettering and a color picture of the cereal in a turquoise Fiestaware bowl. Cook it in water; it only takes a few minutes. Put on a sliver of butter and a few grains of sea salt, and it isn’t bad at all. There also are quinoa and buckwheat cereals to cook for breakfast. Of course, if you are in stage one of the diet, stick to the brown rice. In later stages, the other grains can be added. They really are kind of nice, especially on a cool morning.

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