Cereals to Have in Candida Diet Breakfast

A friend of mine thought she read somewhere that Cheerios were OK for candida diet breakfast if you must have cereal. She wonders if that is true because she can’t seem to find it in her book now and she is getting desperate for the breakfast.

This is her first breakfast and this morning she tried oatmeal, some sort of wafer, a rice cake, sardines, and she takes they are all disgusting. Actually, the sardines were ok, but not for breakfast. And she didn’t know there were bones in there. She is so hungry and can’t wait until lunch when she can have a potato.

I think Cheerios still have sugar in them, so it may not be a good choice. For cereal, I found puffed rice or puffed millet to be okay. I use almond milk (or unsweetened vanilla soy milk), a little bit of protein powder, and then sprinkle with cinnamon. If you like tofu, the soy product, you can scramble it like eggs and add the spices of your choice. Put it on a bed of brown rice or another alternative, quinoa, which you can cook like rice. Quinoa has a nuttier flavor than most grains. I found that I like it.

Millet tastes closer to corn, the other very safe alternative. All of these grain alternatives do not have gluten in them, which is very helpful since a great many of us candida sufferers can not tolerate gluten products (wheat, rye, barley). There are also some food allergy cook books that may have some good recipes for non-yeast breads, muffins, and pancakes/waffles.

I know how tough finding breakfast is. It is all about personal body. In my case, I am allergic to wheat, dairy products, eggs, and sugars or sweeteners of any kind except natural sugar. I eat only dry cereal that does not contain these items.

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