Egg Psychedelic

Egg Psychedelic is really a name invented by me and this Greek word justifies the naming as it is frequently used to describe anything with abstract decoration of multiple bright colours. Moreover this recipe does not use “any” oil or frying. So this is super-healthy and very delicious too. The Egg Psychedelic Recipe is ideal for breakfast with bread, butter and juice. This recipe just takes a few minutes to prepare. Although I am taking the full credit of naming this recipe, the actual credit goes to my friend who told me (and prepared this dish) this recipe.


  • 1 Egg
  • Very finely chopped onions, green pepper (capsicum), tomato, carrots
  • Black pepper powder
  • Salt to taste
  • Chat Masala (optional)
  • Just the seeds of dry red chili

Preparation Time: 5 min

Cooking Time: 10 min

Serves: 1

How to prepare Egg Psychedelic

1. Take a microwavable container (preferable a deep one with wide base so that the egg can spread thin and remain below the top edges), break an egg into the container so that the yolk remains intact. Note: This container can be served directly in the breakfast table and you can eat out of it with spoon.

2. Sprinkle salt to taste, sprinkle slightly more over the yolk.

3. Sprinkle powdered black paper powder and chat masala evenly.

4. Spread the very finely chopped onions, green pepper (capsicum), tomato (no seed/liquid) and carrots. Remember they must be very finely chopped or else will not get cooked properly. Note: Try to avoid the yolk as putting these chopped vegetables might break and spill the yolk.

5. Sprinkle the seeds of the dry red chili over the complete egg (white and yolk).

6. Now the very important part and you must be careful with this. Cover the container with perforated cover plate (or with a tissue paper if you do not have these). Set the power of the microwave to 40% and cook for 2mins.

7. Take out the container and see how much is cooked. You will likely find that the yolk is still uncooked while the remaining egg white is almost cooked except the edges near the yolk. Now again put it inside the microwave, set the power to 60% and cook for 50secs. Do not forget to cover with perforated cover material or tissue paper.

8. This time you may hear pop sounds, and you take out you should see the yolk is almost done and the egg white is also done with slight brown at the edges.

9. Now the final touch, you need to do this only if you find the yolk is “almost” done. But, if you find that the yolk is already done, you can skip this step. Insert the container again in the microwave oven, set the cooking power to 30% and cook for 1min.

The Egg Psychedelic is now ready to be served in the same container after it cools down with bread, butter and juice for a real healthy breakfast. As you have guessed, setting the power and the cook time of the microwave oven is the critical part of this recipe. You can experiment with the timings based on your own microwave oven. Thumb rule is if you find the yolk exploding, you over-heated the egg and you need to turn down the power a bit.

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