Fresh Produce Provides the Best Opportunity for Healthy Eating

This is a good time of the year for fresh produce. Gardens produce fresh fruit and vegetables in abundance. Commercial Farms brings us apples, asparagus, beans, grapes, nectarines, peaches, plums and tomatoes ready to eat. Farmers Markets have an abundance of ripe and harvested produce ready on a weekly basis. California is now at a time when the season to harvest Apple crops provides us all with some of the best fiber when can obtain. With trains and trucks, no matter where you live, this is an exiting time for fresh produce. We can all purchase fresh, healthy foods that are available in abundance provided you who have the money to purchase. For those who labor in their farms and gardens for wonderful fruit, herbs, roots, spices and vegetables, now is the time to see produce begin the process ripen to view what you accomplished.

Preparing the “fruits of your labor” is next. Is canning an option for your produce? Are you going to dry your fruit and vegetables with a food dehydrator? Preparing fresh food and making a decision for everything now is a great luxury to have. Healthy Food Preparation is important before the cooking decision. Making choices how you prepare something fresh provides the opportunity to determine how you eat your produce. Unless you want to add water, not much time is necessary to prepare fresh food when you dehydrate. In other cases, which recipes dictate different courses of action? A plan for leftovers is important when it comes to food storage.

Food Preparation Products are Healthy Food Preparation Products when they are made from Aluminum, Anodized Aluminum, Iron, Copper, ‘Tinned’ Iron, Steel or Stainless Steel. There are many opinions and preferences for each kind of that manufacturers of metal food preparation appliances used as “cookware.” They all require different means of care for preparing the food. Iron products for food preparation should never ‘drip-dry’ after washing. Towel drying with Iron avoids corrosion as well as rust and is also the only to clean iron-based products. Failing to do this ruins the product within a few hours. Meat Grinders are available in models produced with iron, tin, aluminum, stainless steel and a variety of other metals where labeling is not accurate. True, this is inappropriate. True, this is false. This occurs because ALL MEAT GRINDERS are made in China. An American Company that imports products from China stated this is because “we would have to charge customer and wholesalers six times more for our meat grinders for American labor.”

This is my favorite time of year for choices of high quality American produce. Again, you will wish for the produce as the Winter Season brings imports with it. These imported foods are not as healthy as the ones we grow here in the United States. Whether you use a Meat Slicer for produce, cheese or meat, you can be sure to speed the process along creating more time for other kitchen duties. Drying food with a high quality food dehydrator takes a little time and planning too. However, the produce is never wasted and you have plenty of time to eat and plan meals for snacks.

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