Gnocchi Covered in Maple Sausage Gravy – Oh My God This is Delicious

It just doesn’t get much easier then this. Originally, I was going to make sausage gravy and biscuits for breakfast one Sunday morning, but I was voted against buy the family, because they all decided they wanted French Toast instead, so guess what we had for breakfast? That’s right, we had French toast, but the upside is, I had the stuff for Sausage Gravy sitting there waiting to be created into some other new and exciting dish.

So that evening, as I sat there wondering what I was going to do for dinner, it suddenly hit me, and here is what I had to make it happen. If you read my article describing what a Gnocchi is, then you are up to speed on that, if you haven’t, then I suggest you do so. If you already know what they are, then read on and try this. If you don’t care either way, read on and try it anyways.

Here is what you will need:

1 Tube of Jimmy Dean Maple flavored Breakfast Sausage, or similar.

2 Pouches of McCormick Country Sausage Gravy dry mix

4 Cups of Water

2 16-Ounces Gia Russa Gnocchi with Potato, or equivalent, (you can order right from

1 tbsp of oil (cooking not motor) what ever you have

Seasonings Salt, Pepper to taste and any other seasonings you may like

It couldn’t be much easier, get a large pot, fill it with water and add your oil to it, this is to ensure your Gnocchi doesn’t end up sticking together. I also like to open the package of Gnocchi and dump them into a strainer and break them apart, as they are vacuum packed tightly together and they tend to stick together, which can make them cook unevenly, which you don’t want to happen. Once you have it on the stove, turn it on high and wait for the water to start to boil.

Then grab a large skillet or frying pan and open your tube of Sweet Maple sausage and put it in the skillet and turn it on high. Do your best to break it up into nice little pieces as you cook it, sort of the way you would want ground beef to look if you were making Sloppy Joe’s or something along those lines.

While it is cooking, grab a measuring cup and use it to measure 4 cups of water and dump them into a large bowl, obviously large enough to hold the 4 cups of water. Using a wire whisk (a fork can work, but a whisk is better), slowly add the content from the two McCormick Sausage Gravy mix pouches into the water and mix thoroughly. When the Sausage is fully cooked, slowly pour this water mix directly into the skillet with the sausage and leave on high, being sure to stir frequently.

By now, the water should be boiling in your big pot so take your Gnocchi and carefully dump them into the boiling water. The will initially sink to the bottom of the pot. Stir at first to make sure none of them stick to the bottom of the pot, but then let them boil for a few minutes. They will not take long, when you see them floating at the top, they are done. Just dump them right back into that strainer you used to separate them when you emptied the package of them in the first place. You can then give them a little rinse with warm water to wash away any excess starch. You don’t have to, but I usually do.

By now your gravy should be nice and thick, so turn off the stove and you are ready. Grab a few spoonfuls of the Gnocchi and put them on a plate or in a bowl and spoon a generous portion of the Sausage Gravy over the top of them, and season to taste. Nothing left but Good Eats and Enjoy!

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