Going International

The world is a beautiful place with beautiful people and beautiful food! Just as there are so many places to explore, you also need to discover the various international famous recipes.

Each nation has a special recipe unique to its own culture and geography, but with time they have gained popularity all over the world. So let’s check some of the famous recipes around the world.

Janssons Frestelseis a traditional Swedish casserole prepared by potatoes, bread crumbs, pickled sprats and cream onion. The potatoes are layered and roasted, and is stuffed with the sprats and onions. Salt and pepper is added in each layer followed by cream and baked. Moving to Sweden’s neighbors, Denmark. Well, what’s special here? The Danish Pastries are like croissants, made of yeast, milk, flour, eggs, and lots of butter. The pastry can be can be topped with chocolate, sugar or icing, and may be stuffed with jam, marzipan or custard. You can also give shapes to it.

Let’s move to another continent now. Al-Kabsa is one the famous recipes from the Middle Eastern land of Saudi Arabia. It is made of meat, rice, spices and water barbecued in a deep hole in the ground. This is a staple food in the Kingdom. In south Asia, Zongzi is a traditional food in China, prepared with glutinous rice stuffed with a variety of fillings and is wrapped in bamboo or reed leaves.

In the Latin American region of Mexico, Taco is composed of corn or wheat cakes rolled around a filling that may consist of vegetables, chicken, beef, cheese or seafood. This is one delicacy that is really an internationally renowned one. From the beef -consuming nation of Argentina, let’s talk about a non beef recipe. The Alfajores are sandwich cookies with a sweet filling and is extremely tasty and mouth watering.

Finally moving on to the Pacific, Pavlova is the national dessert of New Zealand, named after the famous Russian ballerina, Anna Pavlova and is served during special occasions like Christmas.

Maybe each of us are not lucky enough to travel all over the world, but thanks to the internet we are blessed with the privilege of trying these internationally famous recipes even at home.

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