Healthy Food – Increasing Prices

We are constantly reminded how important it is to eat healthy food every day. It has been a few years now since the famous five-a-day concept was first introduced, encouraging people to eat at least five fruits of their choice on a daily basis, but it just seems like the strategy has, for the most park, gone unnoticed.

Perhaps this is due to fruit and vegetables constant increasing prices over the last few years, as recently reported by several media outlets. The British food industry is set to face a monstrous inflation in the coming months as shortages and poor harvests in developing countries, mostly due to adverse weather conditions, are likely to cause a 10% increase in prices.

How can people maintain a balanced diet? It is already difficult enough to stay healthy and do continuous physical exercise at least three times a week, and when salutary foods come more and more expensive in the shops many of us are just very put off by all of this. Particularly, of course, when we keep seeing junk food like chocolate bars or sugary drink cans always on promotion on the shelves.

The truth is, sometimes it is just too difficult to resist. But like many people learn during a boot camp programme, there are ways to solve this problem and set yourself on the right path. The smartest move around it is to keep buying healthy foods, but trying to go for seasonal goods that are likely to be sold for less.

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