Healthy Wiggles Lunches for Kids

School lunches – it’s not easy coming up with ideas to satisfy the appetites of kids. If your little miss or mister is a fan of the Wiggles, then why not look to inspiration from the them for your children’s lunches for preschool. The Wiggles have shown an ongoing commitment to promoting a message of healthy eating and nutrition for young children.

How about… Fruit Salad – yummy yummy! as Sam Moran, Anthony Field, Murray Cook and Jeff Fatt sing. It’s a great idea to include some fruit in your child’s lunch box. Fruit you might consider including in your child’s lunch are; a banana, grapes, apples, oranges or even mandarins. You might also consider cutting up fruit into bite sized pieces for your child and making some of their very own Wiggles fruit salad and storing it in a sealed container and storing the container in an insulated lunch box or bag.

Some of the best healthy snacks and lunches for school are fruit and vegetable based and you should also consider wholegrain snack for your child. Ideas for healthy snacks for children that you might consider including in their lunch boxes include; rice cakes or crackers with cheese and tomato or healthy spreads, carrot and celery sticks with a dipping sauce, pikelets or small pancakes with banana, an english muffin spread with avocado and cheese spread, or homemade muffins made with fruit like blackberry, strawberry or raspberry or even muffins with sultanas and oats.

Make lunch time for your youngster, not only healthy and nutrition, but make it fun too.

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