How to Pack a School Lunch for Your Child

Easy Tips on What Should Go in You Child’s Lunch Box

Know how to make your child’s school lunch attractive and nutritious

Packing a lunch for your child when he or she is going to school can be quite a challenge. There are many factors that might detract parents from packing a healthy lunch for their child when he or she goes to school and some of these issues include:

1. Peer pressure is a big one. If your child’s school has a cafeteria, which many schools do, your child’s friends or classmates might be given lunch money to buy a pizza or some other food from the cafeteria and your child wanting to be a part of the crowd might be one of the big issues about packing a lunch.

2. What to pack can also be a daunting task. You want your child to have a healthy lunch, but at the same time you want your child’s school experience to be a pleasant one. Pack things that are healthy, yet make the healthy food items look trendy or “cool” so other kids might catch on to it and not tease your child over his or her lunch.

3. How to pack your child’s lunch is also important. You might not necessarily know what is in fashion and what is not. Your children do and many of them will let you know, especially if they hear some negative feed back from other children in the school. If you want to buy a child a lunch box for school, you should make sure that the motif on the lunch box matches your child’s gender.

For example, do not get a Barbie or American Girl for your son. That obviously is an extreme example, but you catch the drift. Gender appropriate is very critical in school and if your child’s peers find that your child’s lunch box is not gender appropriate, it can be very difficult for your child at school. This is especially true among boys.

What food to pack for your child’s lunch

When packing a lunch for your child, you should take into consideration several things. The food to be packed should not only be healthy, but it should be ready for your child to eat quickly.

In many schools lunch periods can vary; in some schools lunch periods can be one hour, whereas in other schools lunch period can be as short as 20 minutes. Foods that should be packed should not require your child to work before eating. Some examples of foods that could be packed in a lunch are listed below.

1. Sandwiches are a great staple for a school lunch. You can pack a sandwich that is very healthy and it can also look cool, so your child won’t be made fun of in school. Furthermore, there are many different kinds of cold cuts available with some cold cuts having a little spice, making it tasty for your kid. Also consider some vegetables for your child’s lunch. Add lettuce and other vegetables.

2. Fruits are also a good component for a healthy lunch. Many fruits provide good vitamins that your child needs, but at the same time, the fruits that you pack should be the types that your child can eat quickly, such as apples, peaches, grapes, etc. If you choose to pack oranges for your child’s lunch, peel it first and place it into a plastic Ziploc bag to keep it moist.

3. Snacks are also good. There are many cookie recipes that you can choose from and you can bake these cookies. Healthy cookies include oatmeal cookies. If you do not have the time to bake, you can pack all kinds of healthy and tasty snacks for your children. Many granola snacks are very healthy for your children and also have chocolate chips incorporated, giving that sweetness your child craves.

When packing a lunch for your child, remember to make it healthy yet at the same time, you should remember: if it’s cool, pack it for school. You want your child to be happy in school and you also want your child to have a healthy lunch so he or she can grow and turn into a healthy adult.

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