Low Carb Desserts – Chocolate, When on a Low Carb Diet, Let Brown Do It!

The chocolaty, rich and creamy sugar free chocolate is a dieters dream because you CAN have tasty low carb desserts when on an Atkins or South Beach type of diet … and that puts a quality lower carb chocolate in great demand.

Sugar free chocolate is available in chocolate bars, truffles and in packaged boxes of chocolates. Top chocolate makers like Hershey’s and Russell Stovers offer low carb chocolate that is yummy to many dieters in search of low-carb desserts and snacks.

These can be good products for those on a carb-avoidance diet and are pretty tasty low carb chocolates, although the “bar” for taste in lower carb chocolate is not set very high.

Most sweeteners used in sugarless chocolate are slow or non-digestible carbohydrates and therefore they do not raise blood sugar levels in the body.

The best sans sugar chocolate is sweetened with calorie-free acesulfame and sugar alcohols such as malitol and lactitol. These days, you can even find delicious, high-quality lower carb chocolate on the shelf right next to the M&Ms, Snickers and other traditional chocolate bars.

The Versatility Of Chocolate

Chocolate is reaping the benefits provided by a host of sweeteners, which enable it to keep its taste profile while shedding its calorific load. Chocolate seems to be the ideal focus for healthy, indulgent confectionery and has become a popular vehicle for Power Bar-style products.

Russell Stover is cashing in on the craze with low-carb chocolates, including a low-carb version of the Whitman’s Sampler, a brand Stover also owns.

You will notice that the low carb versions generally cost more than the sugar sweetened ones. That price difference results because the sugar alcohols and sweeteners used in low-carb chocolate cost many times more than sugar.

Going Low Carb

The Atkins and other carb-avoiding diets claim to offer a quick fix that’s relatively painless and really works. Plenty of people have jumped on the lower carb bandwagon – and the food industry hasn’t been slow to cash in on the action.

These high-protein diets have even caught the fancy of people who are not on low carbohydrate diets and have no real reason to be on one.

However, just as it is common sense to consult your doctor before going on any diet, it is recommended that diabetic patients consult with their physicians before binging on a chocolate that is low in carbohydrates.

Yay, Chocolate!

When you are livin’ la vida low-carb, chocolate is the perfect indulgence. Just like the sugar sweetened ones, low carb cause you to feel good on the inside because it releases endorphins into the body to give you a sense of comfort and relaxation.

Low-carbing is mainstream now where it used to be a “fringe” diet or lifestyle.

If you are a chocolate lover on a low carb diet, there’s no need to sweat since there is a wide variety of low carb chocolate available on the market.

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