MonaVie – The All-in-One Recipe For Health and Financial Success

Once in a rare while, we come across a business that has it all headed in the right direction. It has a great product with a great appeal in a booming industry. It also has a strong business model, which enables anyone to join and make money, while ensuring that service and support remain first-class. One such company and brand is Monavie.

Monavie’s product is a delicious and healthy fruit blend consisting of the Brazilian acai berry – claimed to be one of natures ‘superfruits’ – as well as 18 other fruits known to be beneficial for the body. The big advantage for MonaVie is that there hasn’t been a better time to enter the health & fitness industry than now.

As we move further into the 21st Century and the world’s population becomes more educated as a whole, the people’s focus has turned strongly towards health and nutrition. A product such as Monavie, with its strong claim to support people’s healthy and active lifestyle and have amazing curative benefits for a variety of human ailments, is bound to have a great demand, even with a somewhat premium price tag.

Aside from having a healthy product to market, MonaVie offers a proven money making opportunity for people who wish to work from home. Employing a binary multi-level marketing compensation system means that people can start earning money the moment they have two ‘legs’ – or two branches of downlines – under them. This means you start earning the moment you sponsor just two people!

The money you make will be half of the total volume of the leg with the lower sales. For example, if one leg makes $12,000 and the other makes $14,000, you’ll make $6000 (half of $14,000 – the leg with the lower sales) in that month. The key, therefore, is to ensure that both legs make similar sales, or else you might end up earning only $100 if one leg makes $200 in sales, even though the other leg may be making $25,000 sales!

However, with such a great global demand for the product, it won’t be very hard to jumpstart your finances with Monavie just by sponsoring a couple people under you. And as far as fruit juices go, MonaVie, aside from being delicious,certainly has a very strong presence and reputation in the market, making it one of the more lucrative businesses to get into at the moment.

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