Pre-Marriage Counselling Tips, Find Positivity in Your Relationship

Couples who are going through a difficult period in their relationship should consider the support of a pre-marriage counsellor or marriage counsellor to help provide them with tools for managing their challenges.

Pre-marriage counselling and marriage counselling is a process of identifying, discussing and managing the challenges couples face. Both pre-marriage counselling and marriage counselling will help emphasize improvement in communication, help resolve conflict and build positive and mutually respectful relationships.

Marriage counsellors note that positivity is an important aspect to a healthy relationship. If you work to build positivity in your relationship it will be more successful. How can you find positivity in your relationship? Pre-marriage counsellors suggest you focus on gratitude, inspiration, curiosity and humour. Couples who set positive goals, concentrate on sharing fun and meaningful experiences together, promote each others’ growth and development and create satisfaction and intimacy have successful, fulfilling and long-lasting relationships.

Specifically, here are 5 easy tips marriage counsellors recommend to help you find positivity in your relationship:

1. Be grateful. It sounds too simple to be true, but saying “thank you” to your mate will let them know you are appreciative of them. Marriage counsellors suggest you try to show your gratitude for the small and large things that your mate does on a daily basis.

2. Be playful. Humour is important to positivity. Pre-marriage counsellors recommend that when you are playful, can joke around and have fun with your partner you will feel a greater sense of connectedness to each other.

3. Be Enthusiastic. When something goes well in your life or your partner’s life, be enthusiastic. Marriage counsellors suggest you ask questions, show your pleasure and support and respond to your partners’ success in a positive way. You and your partner will feel a greater sense of satisfaction in your relationship as a result.

4. Be supportive. Pre-marriage counsellors remind couples that offering support in small ways has a great impact on your partner’s mood. For example, if your partner is trying to get in shape, surprising them by cooking a healthy dinner while they are working out at the gym is a small gesture that really shows your support of their steps towards a healthier lifestyle.

5. Be physical. A small touch or a hug can go a long way in providing intimacy between you and your spouse. Marriage counsellors note that small, intimate gestures can help you and your partner feel a greater sense of connectedness.

Remember, if you are considering marriage or are having problems in your relationship and need help to resolve conflicts and improve communication a qualified pre-marriage counsellor, marriage counsellor or mental health professional can help.

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