Simple Sugar Free Candida Diet Recipes

I love food – sorry, that should be LOVE food just so long as it tastes good!

So when I looked at the list of banned foods on my Candida diet I got in a bit of a flap. My apprehension didn’t ease when I saw examples of Candida diet recipes as I could see my time and money being whittled away on fancy ingredients and difficult cooking methods.

(I’m also not much of a cook so it would be fair to say that I was a bit worried about how they would taste if I got it wrong!)

Suddenly my usual method of throwing together a large lasagna or putting on a big roast complete with huge amounts of starchy vegetables was thrown out the window.

I actually found that hunting down Candida diet recipes was really easy, but finding ones that were easy enough to hold my attention and that were relevant to stage one – you know – the stage where pretty much everything is banned – was really difficult.

The best that most Candida diet recipes could do were elaborate pumpkin soups, leek and broccoli casserole or celery and cottage cheese snacks.

So I had a look at what we were allowed and put together a really simple eating plan – make it plain, but vary the flavor with each serving. Once you get to know your flavors it is amazing how much taste variety you can have and sugar, what sugar?

Candida Diet Recipes for Breakfast

  • Either scrambled eggs (made with water instead of milk) to vary the taste try adding chopped parsley or peppers to the mix. Or,
  • Rolled oat porridge made with water and topped with natural yogurt and cinnamon. If you want to be a bit daring, add some grated apple and/or berries to the mix.

Candida Diet Recipes for Lunch/Dinner

These Candida diet recipes are interchangeable; make a big batch of both and keep them in the fridge. What you don’t have for lunch have for dinner and visa verse.


One of the easiest and quickest Candida diet recipes.

  • Just tear up a lettuce, slice up an avocado, cut up a couple of peppers and a cucumber and throw them all together.
  • Each time you serve them up vary the flavor by adding a different meat to the mix and seasoning accordingly. For example; when I have a chicken salad, I like to top the salad with cottage cheese and drizzle lemon juice over the lot. For tuna I usually just use lemon juice and for lamb I do a yogurt dressing.

Stir Fry

  • Stir fry your broccoli, cauliflower, onion and celery as normal, throw in some crushed garlic and ginger and add one or two types of shredded leafy greens – like spinach, bok choy, silver beet or cabbage.
  • As with the salad, change seasonings depending on the meat that you add, or have it without meat – yum!

Candida Diet Recipes for Dessert

Desserts are super hard during stage one – so if you absolutely must have dessert, but don’t want to go to a lot of effort and expense, you are really limited to;

Natural unsweetened yogurt with;

  • cinnamon or allspice;
  • berries;
  • uncooked rolled oats or other soft whole grains.

A super simple dessert idea is to

  1. Place a handful of rolled oats, a handful of amaranth, a couple of pinches of cinnamon and a couple of pinches of allspice into a bag and shake until blended.
  2. Sprinkle this over your yogurt and berries.
  3. For an extra special sneaky treat you can also add a couple of finger-fulls of dried berries.

Candida Diet Recipes for Snacks

Grab a large rice wafer and top with your choice of;

  • Cottage cheese and cinnamon or chives
  • Tuna
  • Hummus

(If you can find or make bread that meets all the rules for stage one, then these toppings are also absolutely divine on toast!)

Other snack ideas;

  • Use hummus, cottage cheese and yogurt as dips for small rice crackers and raw vegetables.
  • Keep boiled eggs in the fridge and grab one when hunger hits.
  • A handful of nuts and seeds mixed together will do wonders for any nagging hunger pangs or munchies.

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