The Importance of Making Breakfast Smoothies a Part of Your Day

We have been told time and time again that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. As such, we are advised eat a very nutritious meal during this time. This is because during the night when we sleep, the level of blood sugar in the body is depleted and if we do not replenish it properly during breakfast, we lose energy in the mid-morning before we take lunch. Our bodies run out of steam and the result is tiredness, difficulty in concentrating and mood swings. What’s more, we tend to have cravings in the afternoon if we start the day inadequately.

The main reason why we miss this essential meal is time. Who has the spare minutes to chop up vegetables or fruit and prepare them? The reality is that we usually rush through our mornings, with just enough time to gulp down a cup of coffee. However, there is a way to make breakfast on-the-go without missing out on the nutrients that our bodies need for the day. Fortunately for us, we can have breakfast smoothies.

Breakfast smoothies are mainly made from fruits mixed with some liquid and other ingredients. Any fruit can be used to prepare a breakfast smoothie but the most popular ones are bananas, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, pineapples, peaches and mangoes. There has been some debate on whether fresh fruit is more beneficial than frozen fruit. If the fruits are frozen right after harvesting, then the nutritional differences would not be significant. Besides, frozen fruit can be obtained even when they are out of season so the breakfast smoothies can have more variety. Some people really prefer frozen fruit because they result in creamier drinks.

Yogurt or milk can be mixed into the smoothies. Aside from adding to the nutritional content, these dairy products add flavor. Yogurt, because of its consistency, will naturally result in thicker drinks. Both provide the daily calcium needs of the body as well as protein and other vitamins. Fruit juices and concentrates can be tossed in as well, for more flavorful breakfast smoothies.

Other ingredients that can be combined with the fruits are honey to enhance sweetness. This can balance flavor especially when tart fruits are mixed into the breakfast smoothies. Another healthy additive is tofu, which provides protein. The advantage of tofu is that it is tasteless and will absorb the existing flavor of the smoothie. Nuts and oils provide essential fats, chocolate and coffee make the drinks tastier, and cereals can add to the fiber and carbohydrate content of the beverage. The variations of breakfast smoothies that can be created is endless and the only limitation are taste preferences and nutritional needs.

With breakfast smoothies that are easy to make, there is now no excuse for busy people to skip the most important meal of the day. A glass each day will surely keep the doctor away.

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