Top 7 Reasons Why Sunflower Oil Is One of the Most Popular Ingredients

Sunflower Oil is used so often that most people can’t live without it. It is also very popular amongst restaurants and various food establishments. What makes this oil so special and popular that cooks and chefs prefer it so often?

  1. Sunflower oil is largely popular because it is an affordable cooking oil that can be used on a daily basis. The more you buy the cheaper it is and this is a benefit that restaurants enjoy. It comes in various container sizes including a 375 ml bottle, 500 ml bottle, 750 bottle, 2 litre bottle, 5 litre bottle, 20 litre jerry can, 200 litre drum, 1000 litre flow bin or flexi tank and a 36000 litre or a 32 litre tanker load. Generally restaurants and food establishments order it in bulk in order to pass on the savings to their patrons.
  2. When you use this ingredient daily the last thing you want is a cooking oil that foams too much. Sunflower oil includes an antifoam agent that prevents this excessive foaming from occurring during the cooking or frying process.
  3. Pure sunflower oil contains no cholesterol. It is high in poly unsaturated fats and is low in saturated fats. Therefore it is preferred by many people as it is a healthier solution.
  4. It has multiple uses. It can be used for frying foods such as chips, fish, and chicken, amongst others. You can use it to bake various cakes, muffins, scones, etcetera. It is ideal for roasting potatoes, chicken and vegetables in the oven because it gives a beautiful golden glow. Furthermore, it can be used in salads as a salad dressing.
  5. This type of oil has long shelf life when stored in the correct conditions because it contains antioxidants that enhances the lifespan of the oil.
  6. It is an unadulterated cooking oil that is free from mineral and added extraneous organic acids because it is triple refined and extracted from the sunflower seed. In addition it is additive and allergen free. Certain sunflower oils undergo a strict quality control process to ensure that it is acceptable for consumption.
  7. Certain sunflower oils are so beneficial for health that they are approved by the Heart and Stroke Foundation. Make sure that you check the label for this approval.

After reviewing the seven aforementioned points it is clear to see why sunflower oil is such a popular and preferred ingredient in many households, restaurants and food establishments.

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