Want to Keep Your Kids Healthy? Discover the Trick of a Squash Float

Once upon a time, I, together with some of my siblings and cousins, was so difficult to persuade to eat vegetables. This is the exact reason why my grandmother gathered her cooking prowess and finally came up with a solution to help us, the nutrient-phobic kids.

Brace yourselves as I finally unfold the magic of Squash Float.

Let’s get started

Listed below are the ingredients that will later on enchant you and your resistant children.

1. 1 whole squash

2. 2 cans condensed milk (If you’re saccharine fan, you better prepare 3 just in case.)

3. 2 packs all-purpose cream

4. ΒΌ box cheese (grated)

5. 1 tablespoon vanilla syrup


These are the easy to follow steps in making your very own Squash Float.

1. Slice the squash following its lines. Remove the center part. Peeling is not necessary.

2. In an aluminum pot, add water just enough to almost fully cover the sliced squash in it.

3. Bring to boil until squash is sufficiently macerated. Prick it with a fork to check its softness.

4. Scrape the macerated squash. Make sure you do not include the skin.

5. Place the squash in a large container. Add the condensed milk, all-purpose cream, grated cheese and vanilla syrup. Keep in mind that the condensed milk must be poured gradually to provide room for some tasting. Sweetness is relative; hence, you must first determine the level that suits your taste.

6. Mix them well.

7. Little by little, blend the mixture and place them into a shallow container.

8. Freeze.

9. When the squash float is already frozen enough, according to your taste and preference, you may now slice it. The most common and easiest is slicing it in squares or rectangles.

10. Serve it to your kids and yourself. Enjoy.

Bonus: For the kids, be creative!

To keep your kids craving for more, do not settle for the conventional and monotonous. Defy your creativity and conquer your limits. Make this recipe not only delightful to the taste, but also to the eyes.

Here are some helpful tricks you can alternately (or maybe spontaneously) carry out on your Squash Float.

• Top it with crushed Graham.

• If you’re a cheese addict, you may top it with grated cheese instead.

• Incorporate this recipe with a mango float recipe. Include a layer of sliced mango and top it with crushed Graham.

• Place it in a non-conventional shape container.

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