Healthy Food Snacks

As I find myself getting nearer and nearer to the 50-year mark, I think it is time that I start thinking more about healthy food snacks. As the half-century mark (boy that sounds terrible) approaches, the situation may seem dire but to tell you the truth, I feel terrific!

I do however know that even though I feel great and currently enjoy good health, the habits of years past might come back to haunt me physically. If I do not take steps now to deter future health issues it will be pretty much my own fault. After all I alone control what I put into my mouth to eat.

In years past I have not always had the best nutritional habits. I was on the road a lot traveling for work and more than once I ate a couple of king-sized candy bars from the gas station instead of planning out a meal or taking some time to find a healthier alternative.

Now that I am older and wiser (older anyway, I am still working on the wiser bit) I am trying to make better nutritional choices. I am opting for healthy food snacks instead of the sugary quick fixes.

This transition is not easy. I have found that like a lot of people I am addicted to sugar. There I said it I am a sugar addict. If you have ever tried to wean yourself away from using or consuming sugar I am sure you have found it difficult. It is hard to quit cold turkey.

I read somewhere that when your body is craving those sugary sweets that what you are really craving is natural sugar. Natural sugar can be found in natural foods such as fruits.

Fruits are my secret weapon to combat my sweet tooth. I must admit that an orange or banana isn’t quite the same thing as a peanut butter cup and although it is not as sweet it does help curb the sugar craving.

As time goes by and you have stopped eating refined sugar, food sources containing natural sugars will seem sweeter to you than they did before. Once you have reached this point I would try to add a whole grain snack bar to your healthy food snack arsenal. Be careful though make sure you read the ingredients. Kashi has a great assortment of good tasting bars.

These whole grain bars will not spike your sugar levels and won’t leave you tired one hour later like sugar sweets do. They are also a good source of protein and fiber. Just make sure to read the label. Again you are responsible for what you eat not the marketing companies trying to sell all of the horrible products out there. Take the time to be a smart and informed consumer.

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