McDonald’s Menu: Treat Your Family To A Healthy Dinner

There are a number of fast food chains but McDonald’s is one of the most popular and well known due to its adaptable McDonald’s menu. McDonald’s is also known as one of the largest fast food chains in the world. The business was started by brothers in California. The mascot is Ronald McDonald. Another concept that was popularized by this fast food chain was the drive-through service that is considered to not only be fast but also efficient in all parts of the world. In some cities, they also offer home delivery services to ensure reach a larger customer base.

This fast food chain is often recognized by its trademark “M” also known as the golden arch. The red and yellow color combination is another distinct feature of the fast food chain. The McDonald’s menu is one of the vastest and has something for everyone. Extra value meals, Happy Price menu, core menu, happy meals and beverages are the different kinds of options that you have on the menu. This burger joint also has a breakfast menu to satisfy the early morning customers. Though it has been part of controversies related to the unhealthy food it serves, it has added different items to ensure that they have healthy options for their customers.

The menu has been experimented and worked upon to satisfy the pallet of different countries. In their original restaurant, they serve beef patties and their most famous and well-known are the Big Mac and the Quarter Pounder. Nevertheless, in India due to the religious beliefs of people, this fast food chain does not serve beef and instead serves chicken or fish. In India, this fast food chain has a great following as it also has a wide range of vegetarian burgers and wraps to satisfy the mostly vegetarian population of India.

There have also been a number of menu items that were introduced in certain parts to check if it worked but if they did please the customers pallet they were discontinued. For instance, the Maharaja Mac was a mutton variant that was introduced in India but was discontinued and replaced by the Chicken Maharaja Mac. A Happy Meal is a concept created by McDonald’s for children. The meal contains an entree, a side dish, a beverage and a gift or toy. The gift or toy changes with the trends or with current movies playing. The most popular side dish in the menu is French fries.

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