What Is Healthy Eating for Children?

Healthy eating for children is as simple as you state it; it’s finding better alternatives for your children when it comes to the food that they eat. Teaching your children to eat healthy can be very beneficial for them not only in the years to come but now as well. It can never be too early to start eating healthy and that is something that you will want your children to know as well.

One of the first things that you will want to make sure of is that your children eat the correct number of meals each day. This will mean three main meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) are a must. Snacks in between are optional, but if you do allow them then make sure that they are healthy as well. Never ever allow your children to skip breakfast since it is the most important of all three. Skipping breakfast can easily ruin the entire days’ scheduled meals.

Eating healthy can be easier for children if you do it as a family. Don’t single your children out and have them eating only healthy food while they see you eating processed foods that are filled with preservatives and chemicals. Remember that children will follow what they see so do make it a point to eat healthy as well; practice what you preach and lead your children by example. This way they will think that it is only natural to be eating healthy. Eating together as a family can also make healthy eating for children much easier. It will also be a good chance for you to introduce new types of food to your children and show them that you don’t have problem eating it.

Another way that you can get your children to be eating healthy is by making sure that they are part of the entire process. Whether it is taking them with you when you go shopping for food or letting them help with meal preparations, it does not matter just as long as they are involved. The more involved they are then the more they will understand the importance of what you are all doing, which is eating healthier meals.

Something that you should keep in mind is that you call the shots when it comes to the food that your children eat. What you provide them with is what they will be eating, so you also have to make a conscious effort on your part. You should make it a point to have the right amount of things in your children’s diet daily:

* Fruit and vegetables should be at least two portions; these don’t necessarily have to be in meals itself, they can be in the form of snacks such as vegetable sticks, or dessert like a banana. You can even puree it and make a soup. The most important part is that your children get it.

* Three servings of milk and dairy products are needed. Alternatives to milk that children usually enjoy are yogurt and cheese.

* There should be two servings of protein each day and you don’t have to be limited to eggs, poultry and meat. Nuts and beans are good sources too.

* Whole grain should be at least four servings per day, so you can include it in most every meal.You can serve this through bread, cereals, rice etc.

Once you’ve established these good eating habits in your children you can easily get them to be eating healthy without any effort.

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