Why Should Kids Learn to Cook? See These Great Reasons For Kids to Start Cooking

Kids are more likely to eat what they make. By putting their own effort into their culinary creations, kids will most likely eat their own creations because they are proud of having made it. Plus they know what goes into the food they eat and that helps them make healthier choices.

The increased self esteem that comes from completing a project is priceless. Kids learn real recipes and real life skills when preparing food. From project planning, organizing and making good food choices to carrying out a plan to completion, cooking is a great way to learn these important life skills at an early age.

Kids get the feeling they are contributing to the family and the feeling of satisfaction in having helped make something for the whole family to enjoy.

All the while, kids learn more about proper nutrition and become more conscious of the food they put in their mouths. Plus cooking and eating at home is fun, more economical than eating out and usually healthier too. Kids can get started on a rainy day, as cooking or baking is a perfect indoor activity when the weather is bad outside. Start out with simpler recipes or snacks like fresh fruit kebabs keeping in mind limitations for younger chefs. As kids get the hang of making their own food and even breakfast and lunch, they will become more confident with all of the kitchen appliances and utensils under adult supervision. This teamwork with a parent or sibling also fosters valuable family time and bonding. So these are some great reasons to get kids cooking, enjoying the kitchen and coming up with some great tasting, healthy food for the whole family. 

There are great instructional videos on the web to help kids get started including a group of videos by kids for kids at http://www.fitforafeast.com/kids_cooking.htm.

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