Delicious French Toast Recipes

French toast is amongst the favorite breakfast dishes and you will see majority of the households in European and USA having it as their primary dish in breakfast. Many people assume that it is too complicated to prepare this dish. However, this is not true. In fact, it is amongst the easiest of the dishes to prepare. All you require to make French toast recipe is few eggs, bread and some milk. In addition to it, you can add more ingredients including chocolate sauce and maple syrup so as to make it yummy. You can make this dish using different types of bread ranging from organic white to thick wholegrain to multigrain bread. To add more flavor to it, you may add orange zest, ground cinnamon or vanilla extract to it. This article will tell you how you can make tasty and nutritious French toast.

To make a French toast you will require 3 eggs, 600 ml of semi skimmed milk, 8 slices of stale bread, some butter and pure maple syrup for serving purpose. You need to take a shallow bowl wide enough to accommodate slices of bread. In the bowl, you need to first beat together the milk as well as the eggs together until they are blended properly. Then you need to transfer the mixture to a non stick frying pan and heat it so that it becomes mildly hot. When it is hot, you shall add a small quantity of butter and tilt the pan so as to melt the butter and cover the base of the pan. After this, you need to dip the bread, just one slice at a time and allow the bread slice to soak the mixture on both of the sides of the slice. You need to continue gently placing the slices of the soaked bread into the frying pan and fry each one of them for a couple of minutes until a golden brownish colors appears on both sides of the bread. You should use a turner to flip the bread so as to ensure that it cooks properly. Once all the slices are dipped ad soaked with the mixture you shall immediately serve it along with the maple syrup as a topping.

This is the simplest way of preparing a French toast. Even though the style of preparation of French toast widely differs across the world, the basic preparation technique remains the same.

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