My Favorite Salmon Recipes On The Grill – Easy Flavorful Healthy Smoked Salmon

Out of all the salmon recipes on the grill that I’ve tried, this “smoked salmon” is easily my favorite recipe. This is an easy, relatively quick recipe to produce a beautifully flavored smoked salmon at home on the grill. It’s also a more affordable option versus buying smoked salmon at the store, especially when you … Read more

Heart Healthy Spicy Salmon Cakes

This is an especially heart-healthy recipe because it contains omega 3 fatty acids in two forms: the fish oil from salmon and the plant-based omega 3 found in walnuts. In a recent clinical trial comparing the two types of omega-3s, researchers found that plant-derived omega-3 offers different heart-health benefits than the marine-derived omega-3, so for … Read more