Camping Meals – 4-Day Family Menu Plan

A family camping menu should be:

  1. Easy and quick to prepare.
  2. Requires only a few ingredients and
  3. Those ingredients are easy to store at camp (not prone to spilling, spoiling, space-hogging).

Here is our family’s 4-Day Camping menu plan. We have tweaked it over the years and I’m sure you will tweak it some more for your family’s style and needs.

    4-Day Camping Food Menu Plan

    1st Night: Lloyds BBQ Ribs, corn, coleslaw and potato salad

    Wrap ribs in heavy-duty foil, heat, open a can of corn and serve with ready-made coleslaw and potato salad. First night is celebration night. You’ve put up the tent, you’ve build a campfire, you’ve unpacked your gear. So kick back and relax. By the way, Costco is my favorite place to get a big tub of potato salad and coleslaw.

    DAY 1 ==========

    Breakfast: Blueberry Pancakes, sausage and eggs

    Lunch: Chili dog and leftover coleslaw/potato salad

    Dinner: Grilled marinated steak tips, baked potatoes & camping onions. If no grill: Easy Pork Chops and bread rolls

    Dessert: S’mores

    DAY 2 ==========

    Breakfast: Cereal and fruit, corny cakes

    Lunch: Tortellini and tomato sauce

    Dinner: Meat loaf sandwich & Italian Wedding Soup (canned)

    Dessert: Mini Camping Pies

    DAY 3 ==========

    Breakfast: French Toast, sausage and eggs

    Lunch: Chowder in bread bowl or grill burgers and hot dogs

    Dinner: Ham, beans and baked sweet potatoes

    Dessert: Peach Mallows

    DAY 4 ==========

    Breakfast: Pancakes, sausage and eggs

    Lunch: Foil-wrapped Surprise (Whatever’s left in camp kitchen)

    Do we stick religiously to this menu plan? Of course not. But being prepared gives me the freedom to be more creative and flexible.

The recipes are pretty easy to guess. If you need the camping recipes, tips and shortcuts for this 4-day family camping menu, email us at and it will be sent out to you automatically.

The menu does require a camping stove. If you don’t own a camping stove, watch our video on the 4 criteria to look for in a camping stove [].

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